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Self employed in specialistic fabrication (steel, stainless, aluminium, special alloys, armox) with mobile "factory" (two 40’ containers filled with equipment, and some loose stuff like two forklifts - 3,5t diesel, 2t electric, 80ton break press, 250ton/1m press of my construction).
Most often I engage in not-so-profitable factories to fix workflow, qualification gaps, floor management (up to 18 people, incl 4 engineers). Most common type of fabrication I fix (by departments): laser cutting, bending, machining, welding. Grad in welding-tech (hlo45tig, IW - mig, tig, mma)
I have experience in running prototype machining (mostly milling, up to 5ax). Grad in cnc-tech school including programming.
R&D in heat exchangers (plate, stainless/copper, stainless/nickel – pharmacy, alu) including prototyping tools (Uddeholm rigor, sleipnir) on EDM, setting press, assembling/disassembling tools. This skill pack includes lot of material knowledge & heat treatment.
Another specialisation is prototyping machine parts incl bending (brake press) in solid works with testing real k factor for given tools. So I can achieve parts in +/-,00 tolerance on 2mm thickness and around 0,2 on 12mm.
Another one is welding inside tanks/closed spaces (I’m listed as official contractor for Żywiec Brewery). I’m equipped properly with pressure air feed (sundstorm sr71 – 2pcs) connected to speedglas, and 2pcs 3m mask of same system for grinding.

Current set of equipment I can deliver around EU (already were in Sweden, Poland, Scotland) on 3-4 lorries:

Ursviken break press 80ton/2,5m

Press of my own construction 250ton/1m




Welding stations (mig/tig)

Priomostar 3


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